December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

Sometimes I feel like today is my favorite day of the year. I struggle a lot with the holidays, and I'm always grateful when they're over. For me, they're over the day after Christmas.

Here in the small community where I'm now living the holidays have been very low key. We have many visitors from other cultures and other traditions, so it's easier for me to just ignore the fact that it's Christmas.

Because I struggle with my roller-coaster emotions so much during this time of year, I try not to make any important decisions about my life. I had a couple of melt-downs in the past couple of weeks, and because of the low key nature of the holidays here, I had to remind myself that the season may have been a factor.

When I think about the holidays themselves, there are very few actual related moments that I can point to as awful. I spent a lovely day with my mom searching for a phone/answering machine (my gift to her) and then sharing KFC for dinner. Yesterday I was invited to share a meal with friends who work where I work. They have a kitchen (for which I envy them greatly) and so I got to putter in their kitchen helping to prepare the meal. Othere friends/co-workers shared the table with us, and for the most part we didn't talk about our work. A delight.

And today it's over. And I am grateful.

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SeƱor Bozo said...

I share your feelings about Christmas despite the fact that I'm a Christian ... or maybe because I'm a Christian! The weeks of commerical hype leading up to what ought to be a quiet religious celebration annoy me more every year. Yesterday morning we had a very small service at my church - five people counting the priest - and it was lovely. Late in the afternoon, my daughter and her husband came over to open presents and have dinner ... and surprised us with the news that we're going to be grandparents. What a lovely surprise, and the perfect end to a quietly celebratory day.