January 29, 2008

God Said Yes!

In the faith tradition that I follow, I'm told that God answers every prayer with a resounding and joyful "Yes!" We are taught to begin every prayer with "Thank you," rather than "Please." It's the ultimate prayer of faith. If God says "Yes" to everything I ask, then a grateful thanks is appropriate, even before my prayer is spoken.

My tradition also teaches that everything... yes, everything is a prayer. It gives weight to the saying, "Be careful what you ask for -- you might just get it!"

I woke up this morning with the clear knowledge that my conscious prayers of late have been pretty grim. "I hate my job." "I'm unhappy here." "This is not my place." These prayers have been making me miserable. I spent some time this morning re-reading some of my earlier posts, and I know there are other, happier prayers bubbling beneath the surface. Prayers of gratitude and wonder. And I did a little housecleaning, letting to of some of those grim thoughts to make more room for the good stuff.

I am still not happy in my job. I'm still sure that this is not my place. But this morning I gave thanks that my life is changing dramatically and quickly for the better. I gave thanks that God lives in me and fills the spaces between the cells in my body. I gave thanks that good things just keep happening to me. And for the first time in weeks, I noticed the humming bird outside my window, and I smelled the sea breeze, and I felt the cold, refreshing snap of clean winter air on my skin. And in this moment, I am happy.

Of course I am. God said yes.

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SeƱor Bozo said...

I'm happy for you to be happy! On a not-strictly-related-but-certainly-related note, I just saw the following quote on the DMN religion blog:

"Beloved ones of God, you may belong to any race, cast, creed, or nation, still you are all impartially beloved by God. You may be a believer or an unbeliever in the supreme Being, but He cares not. His mercy and grace flow through all His powers, without distinction of friend or foe."

Sufi leader Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, London 1914