April 24, 2008

Me and Joe... and Someone New

I've just finished my morning coffee. Lord, how I love my morning cuppa Joe. And not just any Joe, either. Deeply concentrated, mysterious, complex, smooth as silk, acid-free and mellow. My kinda guy.

Every morning for years, with knowing anticiption, I would portion out his exquisite elixir, add milk, and then enjoy his delicious company. My Joe -- he never disappoints. But one day Joe and I realized that something was missing. The excitement had dimmed. We liked each other fine, but the thrill was gone.

For a long time, Joe and I lived with a lovely set of mugs I'd brought home from a garage sale -- inexpensive, serviceable, and rather pretty, they didn't ask for much. We were together for many years. Comfortable and companionable, but something was lacking. Joe and I needed... more.

One day, I found myself in the housewares department of my Nob Hill grocery store. And I met the most beautiful set of mugs I'd ever seen. I wasn't looking for them, I swear. It just... happened. I didn't know until that moment that they were exactly what Joe and I needed. Erect. Well-formed. Amply proportioned. The instant my fingers touched their smoothness, electricity happened. I knew we had to be together. What a threesome Joe and I could have with these babies!

The next morning, when I awoke, Joe was waiting for me. As always, I felt my pulse quicken, in anticipation of what I knew was to come. But that morning, there was something more, something new and exciting.

I selected a mug, running my fingers over its cool skin. Ah, the anticipation. Joe slid into the mug, in carefully measured amounts, forming himself to its contours. I could sense his excitement. I paused for a moment, enjoying his heady aromas. His mysterious darkness contrasted starkly with the white interior of the mug, and my eyes grew wide. He urged me to hurry -- he was as impatient as I was!

Into his dark depts I poured cold, smooth, organic milk. Right up to the top of our new mug. Joe transformed, awoke, became something altogether new. But there was more to come.

I put the mug, Joe, and the milk into the microwave. I paced, restless, until the bell rang. And when I withdrew the mug, Joe had become... elixir of the gods.

As I wrapped my fingers around the handle of this new mug, compelled by an urgency I'd long forgotten, I knew that as wonderful as Joe and I had been together, things were about to get even better.

This mug was put on this planet for me and Joe. It responded instantly to Joe's heat. It knew... it just knew what to do, and exactly how to do it. Cradled in its confidence, Joe came alive. He called to me. He whispered things he hadn't said in years. Our love was born anew.

The three of us spent a long, luscious morning in each other's embrace. When we finally reached our fulfillment, life had changed for all of us. As we separated for the day, we whispered our promise to each other...


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SeƱor Bozo said...

Lawdy massey, miz patricia, how you do talk ... LOL