November 19, 2008

He's Still Posting!

I checked in on The Circular Ruins yesterday and discovered that its author had indeed pulled down all comments, and removed the option entirely from his blog. When I had last seen them, not one comment was comlimentary, though none were abusive. I was truly afraid that he might give up blogging. Would I have done that? Can't say, but maybe. But this morning there's a new post, and I'M GLAD!!!! He hasn't crawled away into a hole, as I imagine I might have done.

I'm very sad that he's pulled down his comments option, because I'd like to tell him a few more things. First, I want to tell him I'm grateful that he's still blogging, in spite of people's disagreeing opinions, including mine. Second, I'd like to beg him not to let the possible negative opinions of others change his writing. And third, I'd like to thank him for introducing me to an author in his latest post whose stories I can't wait to read. He's sending me off on a frantic search for more. What better thing can a writer do than that?

And now I can't tell him.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your encouragement. It was when my wife called me about comment number 6 or 7 or so, which contained a fair string of expletives, that I realized I needed to do something different than just leave it open to any and all comments. But I did want to hear differing views, but I didn't want to get into the filtering business.

I have a few posts in draft that wonder off into a somewhat different direction, and also one that is a follow-on to the Irritation Threshold Drift post (and part of the idea in this one came from people's comments to the first one). They're not quite directly on financial topics, but they're also not on marriage or particularly sensitive topics. I'm looking forward to your comments on them.

Thanks for your patience.