November 30, 2008

Recycled Rant

I posted this rant as a comment on my sister's blog,, way back in December of 2006. I re-read it this morning, and it still gets me all worked up. Why re-invent the wheel. It's a timeless rant. Timeless, I tell ya...

You know what really chaps my ass? It’s this whole gift thing. When did this all start? And why? And how did the whole success or failure of the retail industry come to hang on the thread of Christmas? Sometimes I’m forced by overewhelming circumstances (Lord knows I’d never do it otherwise) to go into shopping malls this time of year. There are countless displays of things to buy for “the people on your list.” They’re not things that anybody needs or wants. But Christmas gifts are not about the receiver, I’m convinced. They’re all about the gifter being able to have something, anything, to give. Preferrably, it will come in a nice square box so that it can be wrapped nicely. Because it’s got to be wrapped. Not only do you have to spend money giving somebody something they don’t need or want, but you have to spend money on pretty wrapping paper that will be torn, discarded and relegated to the landfills by December 26. And the debt — oh, my word, the debt. Every week the financial section of the newspaper has an article about how to “budget” all these gifts so that you don’t go into debt. Debt — for stuff that nobody needs or wants just so that you can have something, anything, to give. How crazy is that?! And then if people give you stuff (that you don’t need or want) you have to put it someplace. And pretend you loved it. Even if you hate it, which you probably will, because it’s for sure not something you need or want, because the gifter is more interested in having a gift, any gift, to give you than in pleasing you. And this whole cycle is created, run by, and perpetuated by ADVERTISING!!!!!

Repeat after me: No More Gifts! No More Gifts!

And you can’t even turn on the radio without being innundated with Christmas carols! (Oh, sorry, another rant.)



SeƱor Bozo said...

Does this mean I'm not allowed to give you any more books? 8-(

Otherwise, Amen - rant on, girl!

PJ said...

Don't be silly! Just don't call them Christmas gifts, and we're good! ;)